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Unleashing the power of data. We specialize in Power BI
consulting, delivering valuable analytics solutions for
businesses worldwide.

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At our core, we are an IT company specializing in the dynamic world of data analysis and Power BI development. With a relentless commitment to extracting valuable insights from complex data, we’ve partnered with numerous businesses to empower their decision-making processes. Our expertise in the field of data analytics and visualization has enabled us to develop powerful solutions that drive results, helping our clients harness the full potential of their data resources.

Power BI

Unlock the power of your data with Power BI, the leading business intelligence tool that delivers insightful visualizations and data-driven insights.

Data Analysis

Data analysis services that deliver actionable insights, uncover patterns, and drive growth. Trust us for accurate data-driven decisions to maximize your potential.

Web Development

Expert web development service delivering visually stunning, user-friendly websites with top-notch performance that meet your business needs.

Power BI Dashboards

The new dashboard is a game-changer for your data analysis.

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Empowering diverse businesses with data insights for growth and informed decision-making.

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Testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from our expertise and outstanding services.

“Phenomenal support! Roustick team is incredibly knowledgeable and quickly solved the issue at hand. Quick to respond and highly recommended!”
"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Roustick. Their caring and understanding approach made us feel supported through the project. The team always took the time to listen to our concerns and provided thoughtful and helpful feedback. Their consistent commitment to going above and beyond was evident, and it was a pleasure to work with them. One of the things I appreciated most about working with Roustick was their punctuality. The team was always on time for meetings and deadlines"
"Honestly, where do I begin? I feel super grateful to have partnered with Roustick in supporting my business to serve clients in such an impactful way. They have crafted stunning PowerBI dashboards, maintained open communications throughout the entire project, and truly exemplified top-notch client service. I have officially found "my go-to team" now for PBI related projects to serve my clients. They also value continuous learning, which aligns perfectly with my own values, as I prioritize it for both myself and my business. They possess the willingness to learn, adapt, and grow, ensuring they do whatever it takes to deliver an impressive, valuable, and insightful tool and/or service experience. This philosophy mirrors how I operate in my business, and this alignment of values is crucial for a successful working relationship. I am thoroughly impressed and eagerly anticipate the future prospects of working with Roustick. I highly recommend them... if you couldn't tell!"